As the adage goes, “Whenin Rome…Live like a Roman!”

The advent of kindle and the iPad has revolutionized the concept of reading. Acquiring information or entertainment through an e-book is being availed now more than ever before. Today e-Books are available online in every device-compatible format. It has become an integral part of the online media and being online is imperative. Our team of experts promise to deliver all kinds of e-book conversions in the specific format that is categorically compatible with Kindle, iBook and any other popular readers. The conversion and formatting also include optimisation and editing of image files or illustrations to fitthe desired requirements, e-book layout, images, audio, video, cross-device compatibility and more. Digital files such as HTML, PDF, MS Word, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Rich Text and many more can be converted to Epub2, Epub3 and Mobi. Printed books are no exceptions.

Presented below is a list of all the possible conversions that can be covered:
• Convert PDF to kindle
• Convert Word to kindle
• Convert Mobi to ePub
• Convert ePub to Mobi
• Convert PDF to e-book
• Convert ePub to kindle
• Convert azw to Epub
• Convert XML to epub
• Convert Indesign to epub

And all these are made possible at BookMedia at a very cost-effective pricing.

We make your life simple…

An e-Book conversion with BookMedia is quite simple.
1. You provide us with the manuscript that needs to be converted.
2. The content will then be reviewed by our team of experts.
3. Once the financials are mutually agreed upon, we will execute the e-book conversion.
4. We go through a series of processes that involves you as a client to finally set it to be published and delivered!