How to save on the production cost of Books and e-books!

With the evolution of e-books and self-publishing, it is an absolute necessity for publishers to reduce the production cost, to have an edge over competitors like Amazon and other online stores. Here are a few key points which will definitely help publishers to save both cost as well as time.

1. Outsourcing projects to cost effective destinations like India, not only helps save the production cost but also prompt delivery on time ensures lesser production time and thanks to the availability of vast experienced resources.

2. With e-books, publishers can stick to print on demand (POD), and this is one area where the publishers can drastically cut costs.

3. India and China are the most, cost effective places for printing and incidentally some parts of Southern India happen to be more economical compared to China.

4. Automation and automated workflow are other key areas to save production cost, as it not only helps save time but reduces human induced errors too.

5. Another significant key is choosing the right vendors. Please click the link for more details about choosing a right vendor for your requirement

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2 thoughts on “How to save on the production cost of Books and e-books!

  1. Lucille says:

    This is very interesting.
    How would I go about getting a quote for an ebook?
    Also, a print-on-demand paperback?
    What software programmes would you recommend? Microsoft Word? PDF?
    Would you handle shipping to South Africa? Australia? UK? USA?

    • bookmedia says:

      Dear Lucille,

      Please email me few sample pages of your book we will check and send you an best quote, Yes we can give paper back based on your demand. You can send me either word or PDF file.

      Nataraj sasid

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