Specialization of our Works:

Clipping Paths made by manual

• Simple Clipping Path
• Medium Clipping Path
• Complex Clipping Path
• Medium Complex Clipping Path
• Heavy Complex Clipping Path
• Multi Color Paths
• Multiple Separation Paths
• Photo Editing

• Image Masking in Photoshop
• Image Manipulation
• Photoshop Retouching
• Hair Masking
• Color Correction
• Backgrounds Removal
• Raster to Vector Image
• Cropping/Resizing

Clipping Path: With image objects, the main object of the image is provided with a Photoshop clipping path. On this path the image items can be removed from the image without problems. In this way the main object of the image can be placed afterwards upon a different background or used on a montage.

Color Correction Masks: During the masking process specific areas of your image are provided with a clipping path for color correction. In addition the main colors of the object in focus in the image motif will be masked upon the clipping path (one Photoshop path per color and in additional separate Photoshop paths for skin, hair, mouth, teeth, clothes, accessories, and shoes in high-end model pictures)