If it’s not interactive… it is not interesting!

At BookMedia, we endorse the use of interactive content that keeps the audience engaged. We pride ourselves in being one of the leading interactive e-book companies helping publishers to create enhanced digital books with our in-house tools. Our experts provide personalised e-book solutions from any PDF or digital file to an interactive e-book by embedding images to audio-video files, Games, Quizzes, etc. that makes reading interesting, interactive and entertaining.

Our range of services includes Script writing to Voice-over and also providing graphics in 2D & 3D Animation. We provide smart device compatible formats like HTML5 and ePUB3. It goes without saying that we also give it a user-friendly experience with eReaders such as iBooks, Amazon Fire, Kobo and other online reading platforms.

There is a universal demand for Interactive E-book publishing…

Kids naturally,have a penchant to be attracted to animated content and, what started off as a media for kids has now been adapted to every form of e-learning industry and magazines.
Authors and publishers started looking at the prospects of interactive digital books and are now vastly associated with e-Books that can be categorised as:
• Comics
• Children’s Storybooks
• Health & medical education books
• Cook books
• Multimedia-rich e-Books
• Edutainment books
• Multilingual e-Books
• Magazines