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The biggest challenge a self-publishing author faces is marketing, a self-publishing author spends about 90% of his time in marketing and most of the self-published books don’t reach the desired number of readers, resulting in lesser sales compared to traditional publishers. This is where BookMedia comes with affordable solutions for self-publishing authors, starting from Design, Printing, Editing and Marketing. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing.

  • Top 5 Advantages of self-Publishing

1. Increases earnings for authors, who opt for Self publishing.
2. Lesser time to publish, compared to traditional publishing.
3. Complete creativity freedom, no room for concern about the censorship from publishers.
4. Better loyalty, as self-publishers enjoy higher loyalty and longer shelf life.
5. Easier for New Authors with good content to publish their books.

  • Top 5 Disadvantages of Self-Publishing

1. Self-publishers have to spend more time in marketing than creating their books.
2. Less Editorial and Marketing support.
3. Most Self-published books sell lesser copies compared to Traditional publishing.
4. Reviews from main stream press are limited.
5. Not easy to find entry into the shelves of book stores.

And this is where companies like BookMedia can support authors in publishing; as we help them from start-to-finish, in creating their books with editorial support, marketing and distribution onto thousands of book stores.

  • Self-Publishing support by BookMedia:

1. Editorial Services

Starting from copy editing to creating a prefect layout for your books, our experienced editorial team makes sure that your books get published with flawless quality.

2. Design

Our innovative creative team takes care of your cover design and other image related requirements.

3. Marketing and Distribution

Our dedicated professional team works in tandem to roll out marketing strategies in helping you to upload your books onto thousands of bookstores globally.

4. E-Books laced with interactive features especially for children books.

5. Print on Demand services.

Please get in touch with us for any clarification (, we will be happy to support you. Special offers available for first time new authors who want to publish their first book!

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