You cannot be perfect in everything, but it helps to be perfect in some things.

An imperfect layout makes a world of difference to the aesthetics and readability of the content. The Typesetting process for one is a very critical phase of publishing. Even the best written content needs to be rendered properly on different devices for maximum visual impact. Bookmedia has a team of experienced designers and typesetters who bring together a balanced blend of technical expertise in pagination tools and creativity. The composition team uses standard industry practices and technologies to handle plain text as well as complex contentwith a track record of delivering impactful output for material of a wide range of complexities. Our team of experts look into every aspect of composition to ensure consistency of style. Years of experience have made us adept at creating engaging layout designs that enhance content appeal. Our dedicated team has processed millions of pages, cutting across English and many other European languages. Our large pool of experiencedand skilled compositors employ the latest versions of pagination software (with or without XML) and usage of tools like, InDesign, 3B2, LaTeX and QuarkXPress handling both digital composition and composition of books and journals.

1. We strictly follow international standards.
2. Automated pagination using batch pagination process
3. XML-First workflow enables integrating multiple deliveries from a single source
4. Multilingual capability -Italian, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Japanese
5. Proprietary plug-in to handle 1, 2 and 4-colour complex layouts with ease
6. Composition of highly design-oriented titles – Medical, Education, Cookery, Travel, etc.

In simple words, BookMedia is a Publisher’s dream come true!

Book layout

Book publishing and production processes are very sensitive and require a very fervid approach. At BookMedia, we understand that the publishing and editorial services have to be customised and each book publishing project engendered with the right kind of effort to make it a product that is at par with international standards.

We at Bookmedia make life easy for you as a client with:

• Affordable editorial and publishing rates to be in sync with your budget
• A team of seasoned professionals well versed in minute and intricate details of the publishing process
• Experience in handling multilingual typesetting in languages such as Spanish, French, Arabic, Hebrew, German, Portuguese, Danish, Italian, etc.