BookMedia is an Indian organization based out of Pondicherry that works on Self Publishing, Ebook Conversion, Audio Books, Printing, Distribution and all aspects of Publishing Service BookMedia has an unmatched experience and assorted arrangement of banding together with 500+ distributing houses and brands all things considered, going from any semblance of Amazon and Universal Studios to overseeing arrangement.

One-stop objective for both yearning and accomplished creators

Our gathering of arranged endeavor directors, outfitted with a strong pool of modelers, copyrighters, distribution, and appropriating staff ensure that quality exercises are passed on inside schedules and spending plans.

Our endeavor executives meticulously plan the entire cycle from thought start to print, smooth out cycles and screen plan execution surveying the need to pilot or change plans at each stage.

Here are a Few benefits of publishing your book with Book Media:

  • EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL: Perhaps the best thing about going for publishing with Book Media is that everything would be heavily influenced by you. As a creator it is significant and self fulfilling to lead the cycle totally your way and Book Media makes sure to give you 24/7 assistance in every step.
  • EVERYONE IS WELCOME : The possibility of publishing with us is to offer chance to everybody. Regardless of on the off chance that you are new to the business, or as yet juvenile your way, Book Media publishing offers an extraordinary assistance to rising creators for venturing their foot in scholarly world. We are a 360 degree emotionally supportive network for everybody.
  • BETTER EXPOSURE : Publishing offers a variety of techniques to get your book reach to assortment of crowd. You can finish your book whenever, and can present your draft for distribution. Inside couple of days your book will be live on each social stage. So the methodology of publishing with us is quicker than conventional distributing, which in the long run ends up being a superior choice for a beginner. We provide mechanical presentation and universal appropriation.
  • BETTER PACKAGES: A great advantage of publishing your book is that you get better packages with Book Media. Our packages starts from 9,999 where we provide free ISBN, distribution, 360 support assistance, print on demand, 100% royalty, book layout, cover design, EBook, Technical editing, free author copies, all in end social media marketing.
  • BETTER NETWORKING: With regards to publishing a book with Book Media, the alternatives for showcasing are more. You will access every last detail without any preparation.