Why BookMedia?

We believe that when people get to live their dreams, the world becomes a better place for all, and it is our dream to make that happen, as best as we can.

There is no bigger joy than offering tools and guidance to people who not just dare to dream but have the spunk to pursue that dream too.


BookMedia is an Indian company based out of Pondicherry that specialises in Self Publishing, Ebook Conversion, Audio Books, Printing, Distribution and all facets of Publishing Services.

We have an unparalleled experience and diverse portfolio of partnering with 500+ publishing houses and brands of all sizes, ranging from the likes of Amazon and Universal Studios to managing portfolios of independent authors.




We offers an unparalleled customer experience by keeping our clients constantly updated on every step of the process. From tracking manuscripts, pre-editing, copy editing, copyright, artwork, pagination, quality control, proofreading, collation, indexing, query handling and delivery of final proof through the entire phase of production to meet the client requirements within the committed time frame.