E-book services

Why E-Book Formatting?

Authors are still acclimating to the world of ebook publishing and often ask, “Why doesn’t my ebook look like my printed book?” Don’t worry about formatting; We will do it for you! You have recently wrapped up your manuscript, so now you’re all set to publish your dream come true piece as an ebook. As an author, you want your eBook to look professional, and We at BookMedia take this job seriously. Our dedicated formatter will go line by line through your content and make sure that you have consistent spacing, font sizes and headers.

Submit your well-crafted Word document and our experts will do the rest! We will turn your masterpiece document into an excellent, professional-looking eBook and make sure each of your documents is personally reviewed and formatted for publishing. Either a Kindle or ePUB format, we always provide the best eBook formatting services.

Are you ready to make an excellent wrap of your eBook formatting services? Check out our services or publishing plans out here, and we are here to guide you.

Why is BookMedia your Best Choice for eBook Formatting Services?

We hold your hands throughout your journey from writer to author and make it as easy as possible with everything you need, to transform your physical book into an eBook.

  • Our highly qualified professionals will format your document and make it visible on the Apple iPad, Smash words, and Amazon Kindle.
  • As the best eBook self-publish company, we strive to send you the final Epub formatting proof of your eBook for you to review and approve.
  • Our designer experts are well-worth in designing your eBook. They don’t use templates to design your eBook; each one is custom-made by our professional designers that match with the theme and concept of your manuscript.
  • To give art to your manuscript, our book designers will give aesthetically pleasing style and performance by considering the title page setup, headers, font families, font styles and more.
  • We are continuously striving to provide you with the 100% quality, and we stand behind the work and give soul to your masterpiece.

Fixed Layout eBook

Each author has a unique desire. First of all, we thrive out your requirements and give you personalized and enhanced eBook solutions. Our only motto is to offer a high-quality reading experience for all the e-readers by converting your PDF or other digital formats by adding rich multimedia content such as games, 2D/3D animation, quizzes and audio/video files. With all those formats have been finished, our professionals will publish yours in iBooks, Kobo, Amazon, Fire and other online reading platforms. We usually recommend Fixed Layout services for education books, cookbooks, medical books, children’s storybooks and more.

What do you need to submit?

To ensure high-quality services and consistency, we have a few requirements for ebook submissions.

  • Submit the cover art for your eBook.
  • A copyright page, title page, and license notes.
  • We accept a word document like a .doc, .docx, .odt, .txt, or .rtf file.

Time to Reach Us – Get Your Professional eBook Services Right now!

Step -1: Once you pen down your dream, upload your manuscript.

Step-2: After filling out the form, our team of experts will keep in touch with you to discuss your quote.

Step-3: Our designer will style out your content and provide you with the sample formatted eBook for review.

Step-4: We’ll share you the final copy of eBooks after the changes incorporated. Now it’s time to publish yours on our recommended online platform.