Editorial Services

Your perfect story deserves the perfect finish. We at BookMedia, provide you with the right platform to reach the people who need to hear it.

Editing is a craft that elevates the impact your work makes on the audience. Professional and flawless editing refines characters, strengthens screenplay and gives shape to your dreams. Our experienced team of editors has an expertise in various writing styles and an intuitive understanding of how your story or idea should be molded.

Good editing hugely improves the narrative and helps the reader easily flow through the pages. Our team of proficient editors with a great eye for detail excel in editing content with unparalleled speed and accuracy which enables us to deliver high-quality finished products with record turnover time.

Fundamental aspects such as plot structure, tonality, pacing etc. can also be reworked. BookMedia also specializes in language editing for non-English speaking authors.

Proof Reading

This is a surface level intervention on a nearly finished product. We search for typos, punctuation mistakes and grammatical errors. We follow the ‘Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition’ and ‘Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition’.

Copy Editing

At the second level, our team of copy-editors meticulously sift through your semi-finished work to correct syntax errors, remove redundancies and rectify conspicuous grammatical errors such as dangling participles.

Technical Editing

This is where our team of subject matter experts gets into the action and helps you shape your content. We make suggestions such as the usage of tables and illustrations with the end objective of making the content easy to digest for the reader.