Interactive Media Services

Comics, Children’s Storybooks, Health & Medical Education Books, Cookbooks, Multimedia-rich E-Books, Edutainment Books, Multilingual E-Books, Audio Books and More.

Interactivity in content is no longer just a buzz word but is slowly becoming the norm with an upsurge in consumption of categories such as Pre K-12, Medical, Children’s books and other interactive formats. Experts at BookMedia help convert raw ideas in the form of PDF and images into full-fledged interactive e-books by embedding images to audio-video files, games, quizzes that make reading engaging and interesting.

Our services include Script Writing, Voice-over, 2D & 3D animation, conceptualizing games/quizzes centered on the content. The final piece is rendered in device compatible formats such as HTML5 and epub3.

At BookMedia, we endorse the use of interactive content that keeps the audience engaged. Wepride ourselves in being one of the leading interactive e-book companies helping publishers to create enhanced digital books with our in-house tools.