Marketing Services

No one is better at selling your book than you! In case, if you’ve no idea about where to begin or how to improve, you’ll need some tech-savvy to show you the way. Reach Book Media and get more level of marketing services. We empower yourself with the actionable marketing technique to drive awareness and give you better book promotions.

Our book marketing services are tailored to your goals, skill level, expectancy, and genre. Whether you are starting from scratch or revamping your current efforts, Book Media will guide you to the better book promotions.

Online Press Release

The very first tactic that blinks to our mind while promoting a book is “Online Press Release.”. Press release distribution helps you create buzz, increase visibility, and make your book wander online. In this digital age, many people prefer reading online news, eBooks, and more exciting things happen only online. So, it is a vital choice for promoting your book. We will create and share one of your books in the top online media outlets. As a result, your book will reach the majority of people.

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most desired marketing campaigns right now. Have you ever seen ads wander here and there on various blogs and websites and randomly appeared on numerous portals? Now, your book can also be a part of it. Our marketing team will create and manage the Ad campaign for every author who reaches us and give maximum results as we can. We can do this by identifying the target audience using specific keywords that match your book. For further assistance, our team will guide you and provide reports regularly.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the best platform for you and your book to gain lots of visibility because it is the only source with about 1million registered accounts and 2.27 billion monthly active users. We start our marketing services from creating a page for you to promoting the pages and posts for your book.

Book Video Trailer

Along with your book, we offer you a video trailer that builds anticipation amongst your readers like a movie trailer by including the buzz around your theme. We have two versions of video trailer; opt for the one which suits you.

Basic Video Trailer

It generally shows off the first look of your book. The trailer is usually 30-60 seconds long, and it can be uploaded on YouTube, which attracts the reader’s attention to grab your book of choice.

Director’s Cut

After reading your synopsis or story, our marketing team will create a storyboard with a director’s cut video. If you need, narration and voice can be added additionally. Get an estimate from our team right now.

Author Website

The website is also includes our Marketing Services. A website is a must for every author, and it will help to get more exposure for the book and you. The readers find this website once they click on the Ad on Facebook, Blog, Social media, and more. Our Author Website service includes,

Home Page

It includes the cover design of your book and the link to buy it.

About Page

It includes a short bio of the author and your contact details.


Shows the list of books you wrote and details of where to buy them.


Include posts that get you to interact with the audience.

For further assistance, get in touch with our project manager, they will guide you in all aspects.

Amazon Services

Amazon Prime Placement

We print and stock your book directly to Amazon’s warehouse, where prime subscribers get free shipping.

Amazon Preorder

To give your book exposure, your book will be available for pre-order on Amazon. This happens only after the book interior and cover files are finalized

Amazon Coupon Code

We generate coupon codes as per the package. If anyone who receives code from you (author) can get the book at a promotional price.

Amazon Sponsored Ads

We will place Ads of your book on Amazon. Since it is the number one e-commerce site, it will boost the visibility of the book.

Amazon Kindle Promotions

For a specific period, your eBook will be available for free in Amazon. So, readers have a chance to read your book for free and buy if they want.

For any other Amazon Services, ping us right now!